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My Life Expressions

         I have always been a person lost in thought.  As a child I would sit in the woods and think about who I was going to be as an adult.  I wondered what kind of man I would be, if i would have a wife, children, where I would live, what kind of influence I would have on people around me, and if I would be doing what I was designed to do.  As i sat in the woods I would listen to the wind trying to hear the rhythms and story of life.  I tried to  capture what I was hearing.  I wanted to share what I saw and heard in those moments and the future ones to come.

         The experiences and ideas that I was having as a child shaped my personality and who I was growing into.  I wanted to share the emotion and perspective.  I was exploring my form of expression trying to find the best way to share my ideas.  I have grown to need my time creating as a sort of therapy.  I have experienced some very interesting and hard things in life that have been expressed in my work.  I am constantly struggling with the dichotomy of my ideals and reality reigning control over my direction.  These pieces that I have created show my struggle to find meaning in the friction of the two opposing views. 

        Creating my forms is a process that I have learned to streamline over the time of practice and repetition. I take an idea or emotion and allow my mind to dwell in that place until it creates a form or shape in my mind.  I transfer that onto paper to create a design that I am able to use as a template.  I have a book full of designs that I draw my work from.  Many of my pieces are a dichotomy of emotion or ideas that give a sort of friction or tension.

        I have been on a journey in my creative process to expand my form and the materials that I use.  I want to be creating a new piece every time I create.  I do not want any of my pieces to be copies or the same as the last.  Each piece I try to design with different materials and combination of ideas so that they are new to me and others.  I hope you enjoy what you see.  Please comment and sign my guest book so I have feedback.  


Drew Michael

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