Life Expressions

Its time to share whats happening inside.

Working on "Aggravated Organizms"

Creating these larger than normal pieces was a task and feat in itself.  Each piece was either 3ftX5ft or 3ftX4ft.  This picture is an example of the pieces that were 3ftX5ft and represents the disease H.I.V.  Photo by Katie Basile

Elizabeth Ellis and Drew Michael's show at Out North in Anchorage, AK for the June 21st showing in 2013.  The piece in the center of the picture is representing one of the top ten diseases effecting Alaskan Native communities, Alcoholism.  The part on the left is the brain not effected by alcohol and the painted brain on the right is what a brain looks like with alcohol in the system.  Photo by Douglas Reynolds

The scale of the work was something to get used to.  Each piece had its own feel and personality.  This particular piece is an example of the size and depicts Rheumatoid Arthritis.  There are platelets that form in the joints and cause build up and pain when body parts are used.  Photo by Loren Holmes


Elizabeth Ellis and Drew Michael's first of the ten 3ftX5ft masks depicting the top ten diseases effecting Alaskan Native people.  This piece in front of the pair is representing cancer.  Photo by Meg Allen

This is the very first piece Michael and Ellis created, Cancer.  This piece took approximately 25 hours to complete the carving part.  The large scale of work was a total experiment for both Ellis and Michael.   Photo by Drew Michael

A prototype was created for the metal stand by a gentleman named Jodi Barton.  He helped with a cad design and made this from that schematic.  The rest of the metal stands were fabricated by H & K Sheet Metal Fabricators INC.

 This video was created to showcase the project scope and our intent for the end result.  The video was used to share the concept with possible investors and partners.  Our goal was to create something that would capture the eye of people interested in art and hopefully share about what we were trying to accomplish.  Video was shot and edited by Joshua Loweman

Being masks we decided to have a pose with one of the pieces to show the comical side of masks.  This piece represents the Influenza.  This particular piece is a good example of a 3ftX5ft mask.  Photo taken by Douglas Reynolds


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