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 Reaching Within

"Reaching Within" depicts the duality and polarity that we all face when we search within. When we search within we begin with our instinct and hopefully find a higher self of spirit. If we understand this duality we can find a connection and reach beyond our personal instinct to become centered and look to think of how we fit into the world around. Basswood, metal, fur, feathers, nails, stain. September 2015


Looking Both Ways


Looking Both Ways
"Looking Both Ways" is a story of a being who understands the energy that is flowing within the body line. The heart space is open to the inside and outside, allowing energy and life to flow. The porcupine quills facing out around this space show a movement of energy from this central space of the body. This being understands their connection to the universe and spirit world. The springs within the mouth of the face of the body show a tension of connecting to an old way of life and a way of life of the future. Both are important but seem so far apart. The hope of this being is that the two ways of living will one day find a balance two honor one another. The hand on the bottom of this being is reaching out of a mouth to connect to the root of strength and origin of life, the Earth.
Basswood, porcupine quill, synthetic sinew, feathers, hemp cord, acrylic, nails, stain. September 2015

St. Michaels

"St Michael" was created the day before and the day after a trip to St. Michael's in Western Alaska. When I was teaching mask making in the local school o n the island I felt the abundance of energy and spirit within the place. I walked the beach with Jack Julian Dalton and we were able to pick up beach glass, ceramic, and bone, from what we think was a seal, that had washed ashore. The glass probably came from the steam ships that were in the area because of trade and resource development. I wanted to create a piece that showed a piece of the physical world we had entered and expressed the presence of spirits. Basswood, Copper Wire, Steel Wire, Beach Glass, Bone, Acrylic, Shell, and Cedar Bark. May 2015


Box Between My Ancestors and Me

 Heart of My Earth
"Heart of my Earth", is an expression of how we can find true balance and strength through understanding our own hears. If we open our heart's we will lay a strong strong foundation of balance. The heart space is open to the world around, allowing the gifts that are around us to enter into who we are. The nails around the heart space are the other chakra spaces supporting the balance found within, when we can allow ourselves to be spiritual and grounded in our root. The heart is our equilibrium. Basswood, Poplar wood, Nails, Brass plate, Copper plate, Furniture Tacks, and Stain. March 2015


Box Between My Ancestors and Me


"Box Between My Ancestors and Me" is about the spirit and heart of my own being that is connected to the larger lines of my ancestors. Each layer of who I am has been built upon the lines of the past. This style of work is influenced by the Pende tribe of Congo, Africa. I was drawn to the colors and use of shapes in the forms I saw in the book, "African Masks- The Barbier-Mueller Collection pg81. This piece has a little box drawer that will house little pieces that represent parts of my spirit, heart and being. There are two little faces looking at each other to represent my looking forward and back at my ancestors. The main form is in the style of an religious Icon found in churches and books. Basswood, Poplar wood, Acrylic, Metal Tacks, Hardware, 1/8" rod, Staples, Epoxy, and Stain. January 2015


Heart Shield



The main body of this piece mimics the religious icons found in old churches or museums.  The halo around the small face shows the holiness or importance of this being.  The black “spine” burned onto the surface of this form is, in a way, acting as a the central nervous system. 

To explain the body and energy connection we are able to have within our bodies and the world around I have included chakra spaces.  These are usually represented using colors along the spine.  Each chakra is open and active with “ribs” that reach to the sides and out of self.  On the ends of these are nails.  In Africa nails are put into little icons statutes to allow a spirit or healing energy out of the form.

I hope this spirit’s energy can heal and strengthen others.  The hear space has an opening showing the transparency and size of this heart.  The white feathers are a depiction of the greatness of this space.  Basswood, Nails, Tacks, Feathers, Acrylic, Stain, and Metal Grommets.  January 2015


Spaces Around and Beyond



“Spaces Around and Beyond” is a healing and rebirth piece.  I have been working through a series of pieces dealing with three elements of culture from my life; religious icons, chakra energy spaces and indigenous healing.  This particular piece is important because the being represented here is in a way a healing spirit for me.  The feathers are act as a halo of holiness.  The heart chakra is open to the world and is transparent with a connecting to a hand that is reaching to the earth.  This style of hand on ancient Yupik masks was used so that spirits could enter through the mask and transform from one world to the next.  The hand is particularly important because the finger tips are dark.  Traditional healers would dip their hands in the earth to purify themselves and reconnect to the energies of the Earth.  If you look at this finger tips there is red to indicate a direct connection to the life and blood of this being.  The space around the heart with rope and copper indicates a ripple influenced the be heart space.  Each ripple allows this being to grow more into itself through the heart space.  The nails pounded into the piece are borrowed from African object which old healing life and power.  When they are covered with nails pounded into them the healing life and spirit are released.  And the last element is the hand stamped on the side to mark the stomach and root of the being with spirit and awareness.  May there be a life full of connection to self, the Earth, spirits around and service through the heart.   Yellow Cedar, Acrylic, Hemp Rope, Copper Wire, Nails, Feathers and Stain. January 2015


Spirited Man

“Spirited Man” is a being who is connected to the world around through the act of understanding his own limits and possibilities.  He is aware of all his own fears, gifts, hopes, guilt, love, acceptance of himself and the world around, and his belief in the truth.  His journey looking through these spaces within himself allows him to see how he is impacted by and how is impacts the world around.  His animal nature is resting in understanding.  He can only be who he allows himself to be within the limitations of humanness and his spirit.  
Basswood, Copper Nails, Furniture Tacks, Human Hair, Bone and Stain. December 2014


Healing Release



"Healing Release" is a piece I have been working up to for awhile now. I have been think about healing and how different cultures have seen healing happen. In this piece, "Healing Release", I have taken three cultures and mixed them. The first culture is represented in my fascination with Icons found in the Christian Church. The halo made of brass is likened to the gold found surrounding saints and Christ. The second aspect is taking the Yupik healing hands that have been placed in the Earth to purify and protect the healer from evil while working. The hole in the hand is where spirits enter in and out and through this mask and the spirit world. the last aspect is the nails which have been used in African masks or figurines to represent how healing happens when nails are driven into the object. This healing is a release of the spirit and soul along with life. The spaces carved out act like a colander to filter out the evil and to allow healing and purity to flow into the lives of the people witnessing the mask. The center face represents how we need to live through the Heart space. This will bring us the fullest life.  Basswood,  Nails, Acrylic, Metal Rod, Stain. December 2014


From Within

"From Within" is a depiction of a spirited being who is being transformed by relationship to world around itself. The connection is spurred by the chakra rings surrounding the body of the being.  The internal spirit or core to this being is clinging to the surface of the chest.  This spirit has an exoskeleton that protects it from the outside dangers of pain, suffering, hatred, and death.  It has to crawl out of the body to see the world as it is.  The hole in the center of the space below represents a flowing and growing that happens when one is rooted with their own ego, love, strength, and sexual desire come from deep within.  This is our root.  The twelve tacks bordering this space show how the chakra connections happen over time.  Basswood, Leather, Tacks, Hemp Rope, Aluminum Plate, Paint, and Wire.  November 2014


Spirits Of 2 Worlds

"Spirit of Two Worlds" is a story of a being that has the ability to connect with the unseen world, both animal and human.  To do so, this spirit must be aware of its own full existence and understand it self within its surroundings.  There is an openness and a protective quality to this piece.  Basswood, Metal Tacks, Antler, Feathers, Aluminum and stain.  October 2014 Mayor’s Charity Ball


Under My Armor

"Under My Armor" depicts a spirited being who is filled with a special life within that needs to be protected from the outside elements. The cloak of metal and feathers represent the warm and strong protection that is covering the right side of this being. Within this cloak there is a silver hand that is reaching out from the deep places out into the world around. The antler is our human spirit that seems to act more like an animal more often then not. Basswood, Antler, Feathers, Copper Plate, Aluminum Plate, Fur and Stain. October 2014


Heart Of Being


"Heart of Being" is a form of an icon, telling a great story of connection between human and animal spirits and the world around us. The metal tacks represent the chakras that are different energy awareness spaces from the spectrum of reproductive instinct to spirituality with heart and mind in between. This form has a larger opening in the space of the heart which suggests a greater heart connection with the world around us. Basswood copper wire, beads, feathers, metal tacks, tin, and stain. August 2014


The Unspoken

“The Unspoken”represents our deep connection with the world around us.  The first step to being connected to the world is being aware of yourself and your own instinctual desires.  The antlers on the top of the four head of the small face at the top of are our animal instance that directs a lot of what we do.  The shards of glass that are hanging in front of the eyes on the main reform represent the lenses that we look through into this world.  The shells and the beads that are on the spine of the main form represent the chakra spaces of awareness.  Basswood, Glass, Wire, Copper Wire, Antlers, Shell, Wooden Beads, and Stain July 2014


Spirit With Two Directions

"Spirit With Two Directions" is a story of a spirit being that has a choice to make, decide to walk on a line that leads to the left or walk on a path that leads to the right.  Each have the potential to be great and are a part of the story of this being.  If we are able to listen to our internal animal instinct and our spirit ,that is connected to the world around us, we will be able to decide on the path that will best fit.  The seven little nails forming the ark on the chest are our chakra spaces that can help us connect to the world in seven different ways.  If we take the time to listen and learn we have the full potential to live out our lives to the fullest potential.  The hair on the last two feathers represent a connection to the spirit and body.  Basswood, Bone, Copper and Silver Nails, Feathers and Stain.  July 2014


Reaching Out #2

"Reaching Out" is the story of a being reaching out of themselves for a better life. If we are able to find a center within who we are by listening to the world around us we will, in same breath, find a foundation to existence. The bone in this form connects us not only to our humanness but also our animal instinct that we have to learn how to work with our entire lives. The little piece of metal that is tacked to the form is a piece of nickel that came from J pad in the oil fields in Prudhoe Bay, AK and reminds us to stay connected to the Earth around us. Basswood, Bone, Feathers, Zinc, Copper Nail, Silver Nails and Stain. July 2014
Drew Michael

Space Within


"Space Within" tells of the spirit within each one of us.  We all have something great within our bodies that is our spirit.  This spirit is a mixture of our thoughts and emotions and has great value.  The bone on the chest represents our deep animal instinct.  The energy within us to act with unknown reason and passion is in our breath and heart.  The feathers on the rib like forms represent the breath and spirit that exists in our beings.  There is an energy flowing that moves up and down throughout our human line.  If we can connect to this energy we will become the most full example of who we are meant to be.  Basswood, Bone, Copper Nails, Feathers, Nickel Nails and Stain.
July 2014 


Reaching Out

I created this statue that represents our connection to the world around us. The little spirit man is reaching for the greatest possibility that he can be. To reach this full potential he must connect to the world around him by listening and hearing his heart that can guide him. In traditional pieces hands with holes were thought to have been used on masks to show how spirits moved in and out of a body or place. Within this context this man is allowing the spirits of his ancestors and his higher power to activate who he is. On either side of the piece there is a red line that represents our life blood and our root chakra energy, our instinct. Basswood, copper, screws, acrylic and a plastic blue bead. May 2014


Right To the Top


“Right To the Top” expresses a deeply rooted spiritual connection between the world around through the lenses of the chakras.  Each space is a different awareness which allows us to connect to the world on a range of levels, from the animal instinct up to the spiritual, that build upon one another.  In this imagery there is a slight connection to religious icons.  The feathers represent our ability to reach outside of ourselves for understanding.  The antlers act both as arms that connect to the animal spirits and our connection to the animal instinct within each one of us.  The nails represent the stars and the universe which is a classroom for learning.  Basswood, Antler, Feathers, Fur, Copper Nails, Silver Nails, Acrylic and Stain.
April 2014


My Salvation

41 3/4X21X4.5

"My Salvation" is my expression of an icon. I have been exploring this imagery for some time now. The ability to take an extensive story and put into one image intrigues me. This story is of a spirited being that has a deep connection to the people of the past and the environment around them. The spirit of this being is full of life, hope and wisdom and is sharing that with the world. Each ray has the potential to impact others. Basswood, Copper, Fur, Feathers, Acrylic and Stain. March 2014


The Insides Come to the Surface


"The Insides Come to the Surface" is a piece that describes the spirit's awareness flowing through the chakra spaces that are the holes of the eyes and the torso. The life blood of our spirits connect us to the world around us through our senses. We all have life blood. The ribs protect our spirits and lifeblood. At the bottom of the piece one may see the mouth of this form gnashing its teeth out into the world before it. In this imagery we are consuming and connecting with the world around us. This spirit is a spirit of life, love, and prosperity. If this piece were to be worn by a person in a ceremony to connect to the spirit world be would be a facilitator to help release the spirit that would help us to connect to the world around us and bring us full lives. Basswood, Antler, Acrylic, Feathers, Mammoth Tusk, Brass Grommets, and Stain. Drew Michael March 2014


My Root


"My Root" is the story about how being centered in who we are. If we allow who we are to shine through the surface or through the situation we will find a strength that lasts. We need to take the time to build into our own webs of being and this will create a strong root. But the true ability to get through all trials comes when we have strong ties to others around us. The community we connect to will carry us through the rough roads. The webbing if community will protect us just as we will help others through their trials. Basswood, Tacks, Quills, Feathers, Salmon Skin, Fur, Synthetic Sinew, and Stain. February 2014 Drew Michael


Inner Spirit Animal Man



"My Inner Spirit Animal Man" is an expression of the my version of icons and spirits that are found deep within people. I am using these icons to depict our connection, with the emotional and logical, we make about us and the world. The 7 small faces represent the Chakra energy spaces that exist within each one of us. These are seen only when we allow ourselves to connect with our being on a holistic level. This understanding will happen when we use all our senses and logic to decipher the truth. Basswood, Feathers. Fur, Wire, Metal Rod, Furniture Tacks, Antler and Stain. August 2013


I Can't Believe I Ended Up Like This

This is my self portrait piece named, "I Can't Believe I Ended Up Like This". I wanted to design and create a piece that captured a bit of my personality while using materials in ways I had used before. The face has two sides suggesting a two spirited struggle within but a unified and balanced whole of a person. One being a more realistic representation while the other light side is more like my typical mask design with minimalistic expression. The copper on the cheek is a characterization of my jaw line and doubles as a sort of armor I put on everyday. The glasses are one of my first pair of glasses from the year 2000 or so. Basswood, Copper Plate, Used Glasses, Wire, Screws, Rubber, Nails, and Seaweed. July 2012


Fire Within My Soul


 "Fire Within My Soul", depicts the energy and spirit within. If we look within and see the potential of who we are we can allow that potential to take root. The person within the eye is out spirit with 7 different energy awareness points. If we explore these spaces we will become more full. Basswood, Copper, Thread, Nails and Stain. January 2014 Drew Michael — with Michael Myers.


Mother of My Sin


"Mother of My Sin" is an expression of an iconic spirit that has taken upon all my iniquities and dissolved them. There is a connection to christian theology and thought with a blend of indigenous connection to our environment. If we are able to connect to our surroundings that include people, the earth, and the unseen we will be living in a respectful relationship. In this relationship there will be healing, growth and fruit will be produced. The small face highest up on the form is the 7th chakra that represents the crown or the cosmic consciousness, understand and enlightenment. The second face from the top is the throat consciousness which connects us to communication, creativity, and healing. Basswood, Feathers, Acrylic, Tacks, Wire, and Stain. November 2013


Night Watcher

 “Night Watcher” is a story of a human spirit is being watched from a distance. The distance doesn’t put limits on the connection of the animal and human connection that can exist. The halo around the top face is the chakra points of awareness that allow us to see these things within us and around us if we allow them to make an impact. Basswood, Feathers, Nails, Acrylic, Rod, Wire, and Stain. December 2013


Bird Song


"Bird Song" is a story about a bird that connects with a human and they both see through each others eyes. The soul connection begins through an awareness of the other being's energy. Basswood, Copper Plate, Various Fur, Shells, Dowel, Steel Rod, Mechanics Wire, Tacks, Cedar Bark and Stain. March 2013 


Energy Source  

"Energy Source" is a depiction of identity perspective. I wanted to tell a story of three perspectives of our own identity. The face on the left eye is who we are in reality. The face in the eyelid on the right is who others think we are. The last face is the face growing out of the right side of the head. This is who we are growing into. The form in the right side of the face is the spirit that is within each one of us. If we center ourselves in this we will be living in a balanced perspective of who we want to be, who others see us as and who we really are. The metal tacks represent the seven chakras. Basswood, Metal Tacks, Stain. November 2013


Jester Cubes

"Jester Cubes" is a representation of what I have been wanting to do for some time now.  I have been fascinated by creating a form out of cubes.  The pieces are put together in the same order while the colors seem to suggest otherwise. Basswood, Wire, Rod, Beads, Acrylic, Stain, Cloth and Aluminum Plate.  September 2013
Drew Michael


Bird Song


"Bird Song" is a story about a bird that connects with a human and they both see through each others eyes. The soul connection begins through an awareness of the other being's energy. Basswood, Copper Plate, Various Fur, Shells, Dowel, Steel Rod, Mechanics Wire, Tacks, Cedar Bark and Stain. March 2013 


My Yoke


"My Yoke" is a story of how we are connected to the spirits of birds that live around us. The human face in the tail of the this bird connects both the spirit of the bird and the spirit of the human. Each are important and carry value. Basswood, Copper Tacks, Silver Tacks, Fur, Furniture Tacks, Wire, Feathers, Beads, and Stain. September 2013


Two Become One

This piece is a story of a relationship. The two in this form are brought together through story and significance of color. The blue found in the faces is part of the cuffs of the suit the gentlemen wore for the wedding ceremony. The hair found sewn into the silken material is from the female's head. The turquoise is a significant color to both the people in the relationship. The bur-rel discs are from a section of a tree the father of the female gave to me to use as part of the piece. Basswood, Spruce Bur-rel, Turquoise, Copper Plate, Lighting Gel, Silken material, Human Hair and Stain. April 2013


Dancing Bu

“Dancing Bu” is a piece that connects the animal to the man through the use of a human body part. Bridging the gap between the human and the inhuman spirit or energy. This use of connection through human and inhuman connection shows the importance of our connection to the spaces around us. Basswood, Leather Scraps, Copper Wire, Nails, Buttons, Dyed Moose Hair, Thread, Textiles and Stain. March 2013


X Paths

This piece is called "Xpaths". It is an explanation of how we as humans can connect with the fish spirit and soul. We are only separated by the skin of our being. We both have meaning and desire. Basswood, Hemp Rope, Acrylic, Salmon Skin, Brass and Silver Tacks and Stain. March 2013



This piece is called "Beats". It is a story of how we as a people are connected to the land in a loving relationship. Our hearts beat with the understanding of our need to be aware of where we come from. The form is like a heart but also is the form of a caribou. Basswood, Copper Wire, Tacks, Dear Antler, Thread and Stain. February 2013 



This is a piece called, "Jewels" and was inspired by the mission of the Eva Foundation, "to help survivors of abuse regain their self-confidence and independence to build a better life. The foundation provides esteem-building necessities to help recovering survivors secure an abuse-free future for themselves and their loved ones". I wanted to focus a small part of the piece on the sad brokenness that comes from being torn down by others. Then to focus a large part of "Jewels" on the beauty and precious part of the human spirit. Basswood, Wire, Tacks, Reused Jewelry, Reused Silverware, Fur, Crystal and Stain. November 2012 


Hidden Mysteries

This piece is called, "Hidden Mysteries". It is a story of how we can be changed by energy and the beauty of things unseen becoming seen and moving out of us. When we learn more about who we are we become more vibrant and alive. Basswood, Textiles, Staples, Tacks, Acrylic, Wire, Copper Dust and Stain. November 2012


Moving Spirits

This piece is called, "Moving Spirits". It represents the spirits that surround us and the ability we have to listen and allow then into our lives. In order to be aware of these spirits we need to quite our minds, hearts, and voices to see them through this perception of our existence. Basswood, Wire, African Quills, Metal mesh, Abalone, Copper Nail and Stain. November 2012


Numbered Gifts

This piece is called, "Numbered Gifts". It is a celebration of the amazing diversity and love with in our communities. The flags, printed by Ricky Tagaban, are a celebration of the beautiful cultures that are alive today and the ones that need to be kept alive. The small silver tacks represent religious and spiritual focuses that many people in our communities practice and need. Basswood, Wooden Dowels, Wooden Clothes Pins, Copper Wire, Silver Eyelets, Miscellaneous Cloth with Silk Screen Prints done by Ricky Tagaban, Silver Tacks, Thread and Stain. November 2012 


Hidden MysteriesThis piece is called, "Hidden Mysteries". It is a story of how we can be changed by energy and the beauty of things unseen becoming seen and moving out of us. When we learn more about who we are we become more vibrant and alive. Basswood, Textiles, Staples, Tacks, Acrylic, Wire, Copper Dust and Stain. November 2012


Tina's Little Cheeks

Tina's Little Cheeks" is the story of how Ricky Tagaban's cheeks slowly fell to the floor and how he became the walrus. The feathers represent his identity as a classy lady with a hat from the times of the Edwardian Era. Basswood, Acrylic, Ostrich Feathers, Halibut Fish Skin, Wire, Raccoon Dick, Synthetic Sinew, Yellow Cedar Bark, Turquoise, Copper Wire, Furniture Tacks and Stain. October 2012  with Ricky Tagaban. 


Dark Friend


This is, "Dark Friend". He is the Raven who carries out trickster plans. This design was inspired by my need to distort and contort the typical make up of a mask form. I wanted to create two faces in one and manipulate the perspective view of a face. Basswood, Brass and Silver Tacks, Feathers, Wire, Fringe, and Epoxy. August 2012



This piece is called "OOO". It captures the feeling of being consumed by a situation that is sticky. The hands are pushing the dark energy away from taking control of the person at hand. One hand is reaching out to find help. Basswood, Wax, Coloring, Mesh Metal, Barbie Arms, and Screws. July 2012 


Complicated Matters


"Complicated Matters", is an expression of distorted reality. A face is composed of a mouth, two eyes and a nose. I wanted to distort the arrangement of the parts to create a twisted form. Basswood, Yellow Cedar, Copper Plate, Taxidermy Eye, Wire, Wax, Epoxy, and Stain. July 2012


Soul Songs

This piece is called, "Soul Songs". It is inspired by the times of soul awakening. There is a calling out of the people who will become aware and full of life. Live a life full of joy and expression. Basswood, Textiles, copper, aluminum, brass wire, and epoxy. 2012  



This piece is called, "Momentum" and was created with the spirit of a great community member in mind. A lover of purses and people. Basswood, Aluminum Plate, Wire, Eye Hooks, Purse Zipper Pulls, Cedar Bark and Stain. August 2012  


New Life


"New Life" is a piece that describes the true Alaskan experience. I did this main form with the idea of partnering with another artist. My friend Elizabeth Ellis painted the face with the Chugach Mountain range on the base with a salmon in the mosaic of color. Basswood, Acrylic, Aluminum, Copper and Stain.



This is a piece that depicts the echoes of the spirit that flow outward into action. We can reach for our goals and achieve more than we had ever imagined if we put action to our dreams.


Deep Down


This piece is called ,"Deep Down". It represents our connection with the past and the people who came before us. Our strength and life energy that is passed down with our connection through time with people who have seen many things. Basswood, wire, tacks and stain.



This piece is called,"Release". The idea that we all have had times of feeling guilt of doing something that we feel is wrong. This piece shows the process of presenting our wrong doings and asking for forgiveness. The umbrella is a picture of what it means to feel a raining down of forgiveness. A washing away of our guilt. Basswood, Aluminum rod, Aluminum Plate, Stain, Glass beads, Nylon thread, Furniture Tacks, Plastic Beads, Abalone Beads, Fresh water Pearl beads, wire, and rubber.




"Eclipse" was created for the KSKA Art Showcase Auction. I wanted to show the beauty of the night and day. I was interested in creating a piece that was cut in half. The image and piece have a strong line. Bass wood, nails, wire


Quite Beauty

"Quiet Beauty" was designed for the Elders and Youth conference 2011. I had the idea of looking to the past and living in the now. This piece reminds me of my time in the woods listening to the earth telling me my place. I can hear my own story being told to me through the wind. Bass wood, Twigs, Metal rod, Wire, Stain


Time Told

"Time Told" was created to tell a story of a history and wisdom that comes from experience. Basswood, wire, nails and stain  




This piece is called, "Ch-Ch-Changes". This piece tells a story of how seasons change and life changes all around us. Our surrounds effect our mood and our emotions. All we can do is accept what we can not change and do the best we can to make things work better. I have created it so it can be worn and used. Basswood, tacks, nails, pendents and stain. 2011  


Alison Hadley
01:23 AM on January 25, 2012 
Hi there, I am a friend of Ricky's and I used to live in Juneau but have since moved to Guam. I am starved for some Alaskan art since I was so spoiled while working at the Alaska State Museum. Your work is beautiful and I especially like this piece, "Ch-Ch-Changes." I was curious if it is still for sale and how much it is. Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks!


Michael's Rabbit

This piece is called, "Michael's Rabbit". It is a story of a man who knows himself and is on a path of greatness. Part of the story is about the internal spirit and energy each one of us has. We have the ability to use that energy for good or for evil. I wanted to put a bit of color into the piece to add balance to highlight the Chakra energy path to enlightenment. I see so many good things in people and this is the interpretation I expressed about my friend Michael Howard. Poplar Wood, Metal Blinds, Nails, Quills, Aluminum Plate and Caribou Hair.


Absent Minded


I created "Absent Minded" to describe my sometimes absent minded state. I have moments when I feel like my mind and my consciousness is floating outside my head. I wanted to convey the silent times that overtake us when we feel out of body. Its almost an acceptance of our existing. basswood, human hair, metal tubing, paint, copper, wire, and fish skin.


Life Vibrations

This is a piece called "Life Vibrations" It speaks to the energy and life force that is all around us. As a child I would sit in the woods and listen to the wind and wonder where all the power that held the world together was coming from. I wanted to be a part of that energy and motion. This is a piece that shows my observation of that energy and life force. Basswood, steel/brass rod, beads, wire, plexiglass, plastic, leather, acrylic, and stain.


Turning Four Corners

This is my new piece called "Turning Four Corners" that describes new directions in life. What to do, where to go. We meet in the middle and travel on a path together and separate to go on our own way. Our journeys are always filled with small gems that bring us joy. In the end we hopefully become more centered and more conscience of our existence in who we are and our surrounding world. Yellow Cedar, copper, abalone shell, turquoise and wire.



This piece is called "Collector". The raven is a collector of my dreams. He is mysterious and takes my dreams in the moonlight night to his nest where he can watch them and cultivate their growth. basswood, aluminum, wire, nails. acrylic, tacks and stain.


Surround Sound

"Surround Sound" was inspired by a sound clip from a friend of fire. The clip was looped and I was able to listen to the fire and thing about its function. I imagined a face being transformed, distorted, taken away and this is what I created in response to that idea. Basswood, wire, nails, aluminum plate and acrylic.  


Untamed Desire "Untamed Desire" was inspired by a sound clip from a friend of fire. The clip was looped and I was able to listen to the fire and thing about its function. I imagined a face being transformed, distorted, taken away and this is what I created in response to that idea. Basswood, wire, nails, aluminum plate and acrylic. 


11:59 AM on January 06, 2011 
this is your best ever.



This piece is a description of my twisted somewhat circus mind that feels closed in and trapped but learning to grow outside the set perimeters.  2010


Above Limitations

"Above Limitations" Is a mask designed around the song "Somewhere over the Rainbow", Patti Labelle live version. I wanted to display the simple idea of over looking the strife and complications in life and looking to the hopes and dreams that help us move forward. Basswood, silver powder, spray paint, and screws.



"Goose" was inspired when I saw some geese and they inspired me to create a piece that masked their image. The wire is crocheted. Basswood, wire, feathers, fabric, furniture nails, stain, acrylic.  


Insanity For Thought

I wanted to share the moment when we are lost in our cooked thoughts that swirl in our heads and can take flight into a fairytale land. The ideas grow and we are trapped in the crooked thinking. This piece was the beginning of my move to create pieces what expressed what I was thinking inside using mixed materials and forms. Basswood, one wire, aluminum plate, nails, epoxy, burning tools, and stain.


03:50 PM on December 24, 2010 
I saw this at Crush last night, and could hardly look away. Your work is seriously beautiful, deep and evocative.
Renee Howard
08:42 PM on October 21, 2010 
Hey Drew,
your art is so beautiful! you capture depth, spontaneity and refinement in your work. I'm really impressed. Keep up the amazing/authentic work!
Take care,
Renee Howard
(from high school back in the day!!)

Old Growth


"Old Growth" is inspired by the idea of life over a great amount of time. basswood, mechanics wire, branches, aluminum, and stain.




This piece is a story of the relationship between masculine and feminine qualities. The beauty of two forms coming together to create something new. Basswood, feathers, wire, beads and stain.



I wanted to share the pain and heaviness that I was feeling during a time of isolation. The hand is a way to show hope and looking to something else. Basswood, abalone shell, acrylic and nylon thread.  


Holy Spirit

A mask that shares how the Holy Spirit of God is able to see all, speak with a quite voice, is part of the trinity, and is all around. If you look closely you may see something hidden in the face. Basswood, feathers, and stain.




This is a representation of the characteristics of God. God is part of the trinity, can see all, speaks loud and quite, and is everywhere. Basswood, feathers and stain.



I created this piece with the goal of experimenting with design, texture, and shade. Basswood, stain, feathers, nylon, and acrylic.  



This is a piece that shows the dichotomy of the ideal (good) and the evil sides we all have inside. I wanted to show the tension that exists between the two. Basswood, fur and stain.  


Broken People

This is a piece that I created allowing the wood to share its own story. I wanted to show the wood texture and rough shapes. The piece told the story that we are all broken and can either move to become better or we can stay broken. Cottonwood and stain.


New Beginnings

The dichotomy of our ideas and our realities that coexist within each one of us. I wanted to express the idea that our ideals and good qualities are share in an outward direction. Basswood, ivory, feathers and stain.  


Little Me


Little me is a cry from with inside my soul. I was in a place in life when I felt like I couldn't be my true self, I felt trapped in my body. Basswood, wire, nails, and stain. 2008


Three Peas

"Three Peas" was a mask that was designed with the goal of sharing three personalities in one form. I wanted to try this with one piece of wood and use many new materials. One is sight, one hearing and one speaking. Basswood, feathers, aluminum rod, plastic end caps, wire, alder, light bulb, beads, acrylic and stain.  


Fermented Youth

The dichotomy of our youthful and mature stages in life is expressed in this piece. Basswood, acrylic and stain. 2005



I created this in college to describe a great friendship with a buddy from highschool. Spruce, human hair, fur, and stain. 2004


Filtered Living

Our ideals can open our eyes to a freedom that allows us to live and share with others. Basswood, feathers, and stain. 2005



This piece is designed after a dream I had. I was outside looking at the stars in the sky and thought about how the stars are small bits of light that if they were all put together they would make a large light. I associated light with knowledge, since light and knowledge are connected in literature, and thought about how the sky is like a cullender that allow only bits of light to shine through. So just like the stars we are only able to attain small amounts of knowledge at once. But if we open our selves up to understanding and opportunity we can attain more. Basswood, feathers, stain.  2007



We all have a created design that is our greatest potential. We can choose to live inside that potential and produce fruit or we can live outside the full potential. Basswood and branches. 2005


Slap in the Face

I have always had an interest in hands. I wanted to incorporate the shape and feel of hands into this piece using different materials to add textures. Cottonwood, wire, fur, tin, acrylic, and stain. 2004



A piece that was started by my father and was completed by me. I added some character and color to the piece to better represent his life. Basswood, wire, beads and stain.1997


Concealed Life Blood

I incorporated the hand into this piece to demonstrate and express the idea of weight and pressure from outside forces. I was feeling pressured by the outside opinions and cultural views to be something I was not. The indentations on the forehead represent the impact the pressures have on our souls. The eye shows the emotion of sadness and heaviness. Basswood, acrylic, nails and stain. 2009



I created this piece with Kathleen Carlo. I was able to experiment with material and color in a more free way. This is the first time I used non-traditional material in my work. Basswood, acrylic, wire, feathers, and wire mesh.  2001


Shaman Mask


This is a piece I made with the help of Joe Senungetuk.  It was my second piece ever created.  Basswood spruce bark, leaves, devils club seeds, stain.  1997



This piece is my very first piece. i found it on an old blog I did long time ago. This was the piece i did with Joe Senungetuk in 1997. If you look at this piece compared to what I do now you can see the difference. What a change. Fun to look at though. Basswood, acrylic paint, feathers.1997

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