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Salvation of a Lost Soul

 This is a representation of my spirit going through a transformation.  I had a dream that I was standing in an apocalyptic time.  A naked lady was laying on a slab of concrete with a barbed wire fence that had been partially blown down.  She was screaming to the heavens and grasping the earth but I could hear no sound.  I saw the sky had purple and light blue lightning.   I noticed she had maggots coming out of holes in her skin all over her body.  I felt the Earth was trembling with pain.  I went to the city below and and noticed the only man in uniform in the area.  I realized he was the source of all evil.  I put my hand out in front of me and reached into his body and grabbed his spirit and pulled it out and held it in my hand.  I told him he was not going to control this world anymore and I threw his spirit into hell.  The hands on this piece represent the healing my soul was needing at the time I created this piece.  The oil comes from the beaches of Santa Barbara.  Basswood, cord, acrylic, oil paint, cedar, nails, twigs, jade, grommets, stain. April 2015

My Yoke


This piece is an explanation of my inner spirit.  If you refer to the text found in the Bible 2 Corinthians 6.14, “Do not be yoked together with unbelievers….”.  This  reference is explaining the core being of a person.  If we were to look at the center of an egg we would find a yoke.  Just as we find a yoke in an egg we can find a yoke in a person.  What are the central characteristics of a person.  These are what make a personality what it is.  I have hidden the image of this spirit within the form itself.   If we look at the top of this form we would see the higher self being split into two forms.  We can either choose to live within our full potential of existing or we can choose to live outside.  The fiber flowing out of the form represents this explosion of spirit from the form.  Basswood, Nails, Metal Stars, Hemp Rope, Feathers, Stain 

Love Life 



         This piece is influenced by a Japanese Samurai Armor collection that I was able to view at the Los Angeles Art Museum.  My boyfriend at the time was Kamu Kakizaki who is 100% Japanese.  This piece is a depiction of a fusion of our cultures and our relationship. 

         The head is created with a face of my stylized Yupik masks.  The mouth is the design of the Pisces sign with a horizontal line added.  The seven grommets on the left and right of the chin signify the 7 chakra spaces.  The top of the head has metal worked into shapes found on classic samurai helmets.  Each eye is the color of Russian trade beads.  The whiskers of the mustache are of horse hair typically found on samurai face masks. 

         The neck armor is made of steam bent poplar wood that mimics the armor of samurai warriors.  The stitching is a based on patterns found on traditional armor. 

         The body is made of yellow cedar.  Each breast plate is made of copper which in many cultures has been seen as a status symbol of wealth and trade.  In Alaskan Native cultures copper was seen and used by the wealthy.  The nipple ring on the right side of the chest is made of leather that has been dyed with acrylic and water.  This is to symbolize the wild sexual relationship we once had. 

         The chakras are represented in this piece’s body.  The small face seen where the sternum is, just under the ribs, represents the Manipura (Ram) chakra of Wisdom.  This space is typically shaken up when things change or a sense of security is taken away.  The root chakra is represented with a fire symbol found on fire capes worn by women in the Edo period.  The red and the fire are both used to represent the root of our sexuality. 

         The arms are made with both horse hair and fur.  The two corner plates are faces made of copper plate. 

Basswood, Poplar Wood, Wire, Cotton Thread, Grommets, Steel Plate, Copper Plate, Fur, Nylon Rope, Feather, Hardware, Acrylic, Copper Nails, Glass Beads, and Stain.  Janurary 2015 


Whats His Face



This piece is called, "What's His Face". This mask is a perspective piece that shows a face looking forward and the same face looking to the right in the same face. The left side is looking right and the right side is looking forward. Basswood, Copper, Wire, Acrylic, Fur, Tack, Aluminum Plate and Stain. December 2012


Dresses and Legs


This piece is called, "Dresses and Legs". It is a piece inspired by the band Bearfoot Blue Grass. I went to a concert in Talkeetna this last spring and saw a girl wearing a dress that had some patterns. I wanted to capture that pattern on the top of this piece using burning. The tacks represent the fringe and the dark area directly under the fringe represent the legs under her dress. The hair under the legs is the hair of a face that is peaking from under the dress. Poplar wood, Tacks, Wire, Shell, Horse Hair, Yellow Cedar, and Stain. July 2012


Internal Blossom


Yes its a penis. If you look at the piece as a whole the mask has both the feminine and the masculine aspects of sexuality and human behavior/emotion. Within this piece the gentle soft and beautiful aspects of the feminine flower are contrasted by the hard, rough and bold aspects of the masculine form. I wanted to share how sexuality can sometimes become an aspect of our lives that can blind us or block our view of things that really matter. Sexuality and the action can lock us into something that isn't healthy if we are not refocusing on our own internal goals.




This piece was created in a time when I was feeling trapped in my life. The mouth is my pain birthing from my soul. The eyes are my wanting to escape the situation but feeling trapped by circumstance. And the hair is my emotion and scream to escape or reach out and touch the freedom lost. Basswood, conduit tape, wire, nails, epoxy, canvas, acrylic, and birch wood.2010

Inquiries at or call me 503.318.6495 

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